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    Welcome to IDRAP

    North Buton District in evaluator's angle
    Mr. Lukas Bayu Setyatmoko of Perspektif Institute conducted external evaluation (strategic review) for IDRAP's project on "Awareness Campaign on Money Politics and Basic Human Rights". The evaluation was lasted from 19 till 28 September 2010 by visiting several targeted villages in North Buton. He has made an independent conclusion based on his field assesment and findings.

    Villagers of Jampaka are in need of water supply and sanitation
    Villagers of Jampaka in North Buton District voiced again their need for clean water and latrines, after seeing their neighboring village of about 2 kilometers, Tomoahi, has enjoyed these two basic needs. This was revealed in the public meetings initiated by IDRAP. The meeting on 26 November, 2010 attended by the Executive Director of IDRAP, Bahaludin, as well as hundreds of people became an arena for people venting various basic needs that have been neglected and not getting serious attention from the local authority, especially in relation to the provision of clean water and family latrines.
    North Buton Wildlife Reserve Is In Danger
    North Buton Wildlife Reserve, an area of 82,000 ha, is the largest protected forest in South East Sulawesi of Indonesia. It is not only the house of tropical flora and fauna but also many indigenous sacred sites are therein. The condition of North Buton is now going worse day to day due to illegal logging activities. Let's save it, otherwise getting everything lost.