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    Environmental Preservation

    Rural and indigenous people living below poverty line has threatened existence of protected forest and coral reef around them. Both illegal logging and illegal fishing are two kinds of activity practiced when they are in a debt trap or in emergency situation where no rational solution available. But doing these prohibited activities have not made them gotten out from poverty situation since they only get very small margin. It is urgently needed a way to alleviate those prohited activities. IDRAP has a long term commitment to preserve living environment in one side, but providing wise alternative and solution in other side. The following are some implemented projects/activities under this program:

    Family-Based Reforestation
    Family-based reforestation is done by replanting woods on vacant lands belong to local people (families). This is a long term strategy to develop artificial forest outside the protected areas in one side and to provide wood stocks for the future local developmental needs in other side. This will not only become a barrier area for the protected forest but also a source of income for local families in the future. The project has been lasted since 2004 and now is now already implemented in seven villages of North Buton with more than 400 hectares of local families' lands reforested. Intensive communication and awareness have been made in order to raise local enthusiasm to take part in this kind of project and to scale up the coverage of the project from the present attainment. Today there are a lot proposal from local community to implement family-based reforestation project, but IDRAP is in limitation of available fund. To implement this project, IDRAP needs more resources particularly supporting fund. So far, two international organizations have sponsored this project, namely Komitee Arzte fur die Dritte Welt (German Doctors) and GEA (Global Environmental Action).
    Land Title for Reforested Lands
    Land title is the only legal document to recognize ownership to land. In fact, neraly all local people lands have been occupied from generation to generation without legal status (land title). This has become a main constraint in implementing family-based reforestation project. Local people are in a deep fear that the reforested lands probably will be annexed or take over by government in the future without any compensation or restitution. This is a factual worry as many people haave lost their lands. In order to give legal status on lands, since 2004 IDRAP has been implementing a project of land title for the reforested lands by local families, however, it is still limited in North Buton District because of lack of available resources (fund). So far, only Komitee Arzte fur die Dritte Welt (German Doctors) having supported IDRAP financially.