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    Latest Report:

    North Buton District in evaluator's angle - Mr. Lukas Bayu Setyatmoko of Perspektif Institute conducted external evaluation (strategic review) for IDRAP's project on "Awareness Campaign on Money...

    BENGO Visited IDRAP Projects - October 12 till 15, 2009, IDRAP had an important visit from Mr. Bertold Trittler of BENGO (Beratungsstelle fur private Trager in der Entwicklungszusam...

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    Testimonials on IDRAP

    "On behalf of the village government and community of Laeya, I would like to thank to IDRAP for carrying out a program of awareness campaign on the danger of money-politics and corruption in our village. This program has never been conducted by government or other NGOs. However, we still leave a hope to IDRAP for keeping in mind our primary and urgent need on water supply and sanitation which have become a dream for our community for a long time. We demand IDRAP to facilitate us in provision of a sustainable and self-help water supply and sanitation as they have successfully done in other parts of North Buton."

    La Hanuddin R, Village Head of Laeya, North Buton

    "Amid the increasing number of NGOs who are trapped in the mechanical activity in running the program, IDRAP is a fraction NGOs still have a strong commitment to the needs and expectations of society. With a simple program strategies, flexible and integrates with people's lives makes the existence of IDRAP is acceptable in the middle of society."

    Lukas Bayu Setyatmoko, Director of Perspektif Institut
    Independent Evaluator for IDRAP - EED Project

    "Frankly we are so happy with existence of IDRAP's programmes in Pongkowulu Village and we are very much in favor on it. The Program Officer stationed in our village is very kind and helpful, as long as we know. He maintains intensive communication and organizes the program in close coordination with the village authorities. This is essential to avoid the programme from overlapping."

    Baharudin, Village Head of Pongkowulu