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    Volunteering is a great way to contribute to a transformation of knowledge and expertise either for community as beneficiaries or IDRAP as an institution. We consider it as an important part of contribution in helping people in need in the form of services. Nevertheless, we do not open a volunteering chance as a regular vacancy. IDRAP has no specific budget and facility to support a volunteering work. Therefore, if you would like to work as a volunteer with IDRAP, you are requested to provide your own budget or to find your own sponsor.

    Please make a contact with IDRAP before proceeding your plan, to find out whether a chance for volunteering work is available or not. Kindly be in mind that we only provide chance for a background of knowledge and expertise demonstrating our need both either in the aspect of programmes in the fields or aspect administration in the office.

    Please contact the following address for arranging your proposal of volunteering work:

    Griya Mahkota Permai Blok B3 No. 4 Rahandouna,
    Kendari 93232, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia
    Telp.: +62 401 303 2600
    Fax.: +62 401 319 2498
    E-mail: idrap[at]

    IDRAP welocome volunteers with a range of skills, interests and backgrounds who share a commitment to the development of rural and indigenous people and a desire to help us achieve our goals.

    The following list gives an indication of the areas based on program in which volunteer work may be available:

    Capacity Building:
    • Awareness campaign methods
    • Community organizing
    Income Generation:
    • Home industry
    • Handycrafts
    Environmental Preservation:
    • Micro-hydro powered electricity
    • Solar powered electricity
    • Wind powered electricity
    • Sea-wave powered electricity